Telldus Live! API

Telldus Live! API

To access the Telldus Live! API the call must be authenticated. The authentication is using OAuth 1.0a. There are a lot of documentation and libraries available on the official OAuth site:


To access the resources you need a key. There are two ways of obtaining keys.

  1. Generate a private for development. This is probably what you want.
    Generate one here.
  2. Request a public key. If you application is going to be published so other users can use it you need to request a public key from Telldus instead of the development key. Please note that Telldus only grants public keys for finished and public applications. This means your application must be ready to use.
    Request a key by submitting a support request. Please include this in your request:
    • The name of the application
    • Screenshots of the application
    • A description of the application
    • Instructions how Telldus can test the application


The endpoints for setting up tokens are:
Request token:
Authorize token:
Access token:

The actual call should be performed at:{format}/{function}
{format} it the returned format and should be either json or xml
{function} is the function to call. Please see the explorer for a list of available functions.

Example. List of available devices and return the data as json:

Calls can be made as either GET or POST